Great place, highly recommended. But to my deep regret, diving was not the best at the time of my visit, yet I’ve managed four dives. I had to sit with my wife through five hours of time-share condo sale presentation to get discounted “prizes”. And then, due to the conditions of the ocean, I had to return eight dive vouchers. Well, what can you do? I would recommend checking dive seasons with local shops.

So, getting back to the dives… A few dive spots, that available close by the hotel, were very interesting. The staff at “Cabo Eagle Divers”, located at main dock, Plaza Embarcadero, was very attentive and knowledgeable. Boats clean and large enough for six – eight divers. The bottom was very sandy with steep, almost terminating topography. If you plan to travel and dive at Cabo, visit first “Cabo Eagle Divers” or some other dive shop’s websites, to make sure you won’t miss the very best that Cabo can offer.
I also included a few pictures of the bay, as I couldn’t get enough of it’s beautiful landscape. I travel often with my family to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Nice place, but Playa’s flat terrain pales against attractive upland with stunning, engaging your imagination rock formations of Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Rock formations on the west beach. Cabo San Lucas.

We stayed at Casa Dorada, world class hotel. Interestingly enough, dive shop will not pick you up, you must get there on your own. And to get from the hotel to the Eagle Divers, on a taxi, about three minutes drive, will cost you $10 US. Alternatively, if there is a plan for more dives, you can leave dive equipment at the shop and take a short walk through the pier back to the hotel.

The following map shows you how close to each other hotel, dive shop and actual dive spots are.

By the way, Cabo San Lucas, also widely known by the name of “Cabos”, home of the famous sea arch “El Arco de Cado San”.

People were very friendly and generous with smiles. Prices are very reasonable. Restaurants, in most cases, were delicious.

Underwater pictures were taken with Panasonic Lumix LX3, 10BAR housing and two Sea&Sea flashes. Land shots – Canon 5D Mark II.