The long weekend of 4<sup>th</sup> of July holiday, besides that it now has a greater significance in my life, presents an opportunity to make a dive trip to some distant places, like Canada. And I decided not to miss a chance and go to one of many diving spots that Matt and I have visited during our 2017 big trip to the End of the Road – Baie-Comeau. We both liked that part of St Laurence, and on our way back home, as we talked about which spot, from our long itinerary, we would love to come back to, Baie-Comeau came out as number one on our list.

Staying at Baie-Comeau

Matt was running some important errands and was unable to join me on this trip. So, I contacted Patrick B., with whom we dove in 2017, and prearranged 3 days of diving off his 16-foot RIB. Also, through Airbnb, I was able to find a place to stay. Last year Matt and I paid about $130 a night, lodging at the local motel. But this time, I found the private split-level house, which was located just 3 minutes driving time from it to the pier, where all dives were initiated.

Robin’s house at the Baie-Comeau

For $22 a night I’ve got a very spacious room with a bed, table, cupboard and plenty of electric outlets for all my charging needs.

My room

The toilet, sink, refrigerator, and washing machines were located across the hallway in the separate room. But the kitchen and the shower – on the top floor. Both, kitchen and the bath were shareable with the members of the family. But I did not find such arrangement as an inconvenient one. Quite the contrary, I was told that in the kitchen I can “share” anything I need, including utensils, cookware, coffee machine, stove, dishwasher, etc.

Rivière à Saumon

If you stay in this place, you’ll definitely interact with the family. Once I ate my breakfast with grandpa and grandma, very nice folks that were aiming to please. Grandpa spoke English a little, but, with a little what know, I felt comfortable to practice my French:) When I finished my morning meal, they told me not to worry about used dishes, they’ll take care of ’em.

Jardin des Glaciers

Robin, the host of the house, spoke enough English to explain to me where, in case if I need it, I can find more towels and if I wish, I can use outside BBQ and garden hose to wash my dive equipment. It was also ok to use the deck on the back of the house to dry up my suit and BCD

View on St Laurence from shores of Baie-Comeau

I asked Patrick for some suggestions for the local dining, and that’s how I found the restaurant Les 3 barils. The meals were nicely cooked, plentiful and very inexpensive. Oh, by the way, if you decide to visit this place, ask for Alice, a very nice waitress who also spoke perfect English.

Les 3 Barils

Getting to the sites

Each morning, Patrick and I loaded cameras, tanks and snacks onto his RIB, launched it off the boat slip at the Club Nautique and by 9:30 we were on the way to our first dive site.

Departing out of the bay (Club Nautique de Baie-Comeau)