After a long waiting period, a year-and-a-half, to be exact, my wife and I finally found the time to get together for 10 days of diving and sightseeing in Montenegro. We picked this location from a shortlist of countries that welcomed the US and Ukrainian citizens for, as it called these days, a non-essential visit. We checked, again and again, all requirements for covid related rules and regulations, and, to be thorough, I even searched the Internet for the Montenegro drone guidelines. And yet …

24 hours before my flight, I’ve received a Lufthansa invitation to check in. I have successfully uploaded my passport and the rest of the needed information. Lufthansa issued my ticket and, since Yuliia should’ve arrived a few hours after me, I thought that I’m on my way, and on the 4th, I’ll meet my wife at Montenegro airport.

Yuliia Kholodenko

Yuliia is waiting for me in Montenegro

On the 3ed, I arrived at the Logan and presented my passport to the Lufthansa agent. He looked at the screen and said that I cannot flight to Montenegro because my flight involves 2 stops, one in Frankfurt and another in Vienna. And since I am a US citizen, I can’t go through the European Union if I must make 2 stops, 1 is ok, said he, but not 2.