Being able to carve a few extra days from my work routine, on August 8th, Matt Wills and I set our course to the northeast shores of St Lawrence – Baie-Comeau.

Actually, I had to begin my trip alone. Matt was running some chores in Florida, and in order not to lose a day of diving, we agreed that I meet him at the airport of Quebec. If all went as we planned, we should’ve arrived at Gîte La Mère Michèle at about 1:30 in the morning of 9th. But due to stormy weather, Matt’s plane was delayed and we’ve got to the B&B only at 4:30 AM

Gîte La Mère Michèle

In short, the high points of the Gîte La Mère Michèle were the price per night and morning breakfasts. Otherwise, we stay at the basement level, in a tiny room and had to share the shower stall with the occupants of the 7 other rooms.

At the garden of the Gîte La Mère Michèle

When I made a reservation (speaking in English with a young female helper) I was told (and later reconfirmed by Patrick, who spoke with B&B in French) that we are all set to share 1 room with 2 beds for the whole duration of our trip, that is from 8th through 13th. But on the second day, we were asked to move to another room upstairs. Well, we did not think much of it and were ready to oblige, when the host, M. Cloud, surprised us by explaining that if we wish to share a new room, one of us has to sleep on the floor, or we need to get a second room with all ensuing financial consequences.

St Lawrence River

Departing Baie Comeau Marina

We greatly appreciate a presence of the gentleman, who happened to witness our conversation with the host and helped us to translate that in such case, we would move to another motel. And thus, the last few days we stayed at Comfort Inn. We paid $158 a night vs $77 at Gîte, but the room was larger, we had a few spacious tables, and we had our own bathroom.


Normally, Patrick launches his boat as early as possible, about 8 am. We explained to him our predicament with Matt’s late arrival and he agreed on a first day to leave marina at 11 in the morning.