Finally, I’ve made it to Cozumel. Six years in a row I was visiting Playa Del Carmen. And just 30 minutes away by boat, lies the famous island that I’ve never dove at before? What a shame. And only this year, Matt and I, set and accomplished the goal of exploring the wonders of Cozumel. During our dives at cenotes, with “Acuatic Tulum”, we were introduced to the “Cozumel Scuba Planet” team: Hernan Bacelis – the owner, Javier Romero – scuba instructor and dive guide, and Captain Phillipe.They met us on the board of the Embarcación Pescadito, a perfect boat for such a small group like ours, just two guys, captain and a guide.

On board of the Pescadito. Hernan Bacelis (on left), me and Matt (on right).

So we shook hands all around, and after initial introduction discussed dive plan for the day. Since it was only the two of us, we agreed upon visiting three sites. Going from a deep to a shallower profile, and from larger fish to the smaller inhabitants of the reef. Taking a glance at our heavy photo equipment, Hernan warned us that almost all dives at and around Cozumel are drift dives. So as photographers, we have to keep in mind that our task will require much effort and care, especially when we shoot with macro settings. He also said that he’ll jump in first, to check the intensity of the current at the chosen site. If it will be too strong, we would move to a different spot. But in that regard we were lucky.