Those who often dive Doggy Park at Peirce Island waited impatiently for the reappearance of Flabellina verrillis, a beautiful nudibranch that usually can be found during winter at the aforementioned dive side.

On February 5th, the time of the slack was perfect, we had to enter the water at 12:30 PM, which meant we did not have to get up in an ungodly hour, eat in a car or drive through the traffic. Plus, the weather cooperated and instead of a single digit, displayed on a thermometer a day earlier, the temperature outside was a few degrees above 40F.

Yuliia and I on Peirce Island

Yuliia and I at Doggy Park dive site (photo by Steve B)

In the morning Yuliia and I packed our truck and by 10 AM were heading to the I495, where we planned to meet Andrea Dic. The drive was quick, uneventful, and as we planned, exactly at 11:30 we parked near the side.

Divers at Doggy park dive site

Although we had an hour before the dive, Steve Bigelow was already there. With plenty of time to spare, I began preparing for the dive. In the past few years, during the reconstruction of the Water Treatment Plant, we had to haul quite a distance all our gear to the shore. Some walk by land, making sometimes a few trips, and some, fully loaded, waded to the side. Thankfully, the reconstruction was completed, and we could park in a few feet from an entrance.

I am ready for the Verrillifest

Ready to celebrate Verrillifest