Ray Fournier and I, in October of 2010 went to Grand Cayman, diving and staying at Compass Point Dive Resort, located on the east end of the island. I only wished the weather was a bit more cooperative, as a wind and rain were constant co-travelers with us. Once, when we were coming back from morning dive trip, slowly edging along the shore, captain had to completely stop the boat from progressing forward, as we were surrounded by slantwise, impenetrable wall of wind and rain. Nevertheless, on the next morning we were diving again. You’ll get wet anyway, so what is the rain for a diver? A chance to rinse equipment from salty water? Who’d say no? We didn’t.

And that how it was. A little of wind, a little of rain and a lot of diving. Personally, and especially “diving” part, I liked GrandCayman’s experience a bit more then Bonaire’s underwater excursions. Please, don’t get me wrong, diving in Bonaire was very good and eventful, but in my, very humble and extremely subjective opinion, under the surface, Grand Cayman was more to offer then its counterpart. Yet Ray and I wished Grand Cayman was as affordable as Bonaire. For instance at the time of our trip, cost of gas was whooping $26.50 per gallon. And food – as expensive as gas and so on. One of the greatest attraction of going to Bonaire, that practically every resort on the island includes in their price of admission, pickup track with unlimited mileage plus enough and to spare of easily accessible shore-diving spots. That was awesome! But if you look at the map of a Bonaire’s shore dive-spots, you’ll see they are so close to each other, that one can easily enter water at, let say,Rappel and come out at Bloodlet. Yet you’be diving the same reef. I think, in regard of underwater topography, as well as flora and fauna, diving in Cayman was a bit more rewarding. Please, enjoy slideshow composed of Ray’s and my shots.