Nudibranchs – are remained to be the main interest of my underwater photography. Hence you can imagine how anxious I was to get to the Dalsøyra, knowing that as of 2016, over 70 species of the shell-less marine mollusks were discovered at the House Reef of the Gulen Dive resort. Thus, after 2 years of dreaming, it has finally happened! February 24th, 2017, I flew to Bergen, to join – Nudibranch Safari – an annual event hosted by the aforementioned resort.

Getting to Dalsøyra

I picked Bergen International airport, as the closest hub to the southwest coasts of Norway. Total flight duration, with 3:15 layover in Heathrow, was about 12 hours. (The ticket – Boston>London>Bergen>London>Boston – $510).

On the way to Gulen resort. Route 57 Seim, Hordaland

Despite that resort could’ve arranged the transfer to and from the airport, I decided to get a car so that I’d be able to explore local landmarks. (Upon arrival to Bergen SITX offered me a free upgrade, a larger, 4-door, diesel, manual transmission vehicle. Cost for 8 days with unlimited mileage and complimentary insurance -$360)

Near Gulen Dive resort

Drive time from the airport to Gulen Dive resort was less than 2 hours.  (Tip – if you don’t want to carry with you separate navigation system, you can download HERE 360, available for iOS and Android, it works offline))) Shorter route to Gulen also involves a quick, no more than 10 minutes, ferry (about $12 each way)