Somewhere about June or August of 2018, I’ve decided to return to Malta and spend New Year holidays diving at the Mediterranean Sea. At that time, the airline charged about $400 for the round-trip ticket. Instead of buying it in June, I’ve made a mistake and waited until October, when the amount went up to 620 bucks. But, considering what I was going to pay for the place to stay, car, food, and diving, it still was a very reasonable tag for the winter retreat.

My previous trip to Malta, during the summer of 2017, has shown me a nice place for the explorations above and below the surface of the Mediterranean. The air temperature, in July of 2017, was 112F (44C) and staying outside of a cool apartment or air-conditioned car was a challenge. Thus, it was quite a relief diving to the sunken treasures of the island. Despite that wreaks are not on the top of my preferences for underwater explorations, I dove with Bezz Malta Diving Center and enjoyed every plunge.

Passing Mount Etna

Victoria Gate. Valletta

During the winter, the “Bezz” shifts its operation to the Maldives, and the team settles on the small atoll of Rasdhoo. Therefore, upon my inquiry, I was offered to contact Scuba Life Malta. It turned out, that the shop was located just 2 minutes driving time from the rented apartment. Jacqui, one of the owners, was happy to take me to all available dive-sites and we agreed to do the first dive on 30th of December.