In March of 2018, Yuliia and I joined Nudibranch Safari event, diving at the Gulen Dive Resort House Reef and exploring majestic panoramas of western Norway. We enjoyed the place so much, that while we were there, we signed up for the upcoming shootout between Gulen and Lembeh, that was scheduled in June of 2018.

After a short deliberation, we decided to invite Denis and Vlad, Yuliia’s two fine sons, who also earned their divers’ certificates, but did not had a chance yet, to dive outside of the Ukraine. We negotiated a good deal with the management of the Gulen resort, mutually beneficial to both parties and secured a small house, located a bit farther from the shore, than a maine building, but with 3 separate bedrooms, its own kitchen, dining room, bathroom and an outside deck.

Denis (in blue short) and Vlad on a deck of our apartment

Yuliia Kholodenko

After the dive Yuliia prepares diner

On June 14th, I flew SAS and, an hour after landing in Bergen, I’ve met Yuliia, Denis and Vlad. I faced Yuliia’s boys for the first time, shaking their hands and having high hopes that I’ve got acquainted with more than just new dive-buddies. We packed our rental and after a quick bite left Bergen behind.

Vlad and Denis Kaiurov

Vlad (in green shirt) and Denis exploring the ruins of an old castle :)

Gulen Dive Resort

By now, vising Norway for the third time, I realize how fruitless is trying to describe its incredible beauty. All I should say, both boys, by the end of our stay, declare that they would love staying in Norway for good. Who could doubt?

Yuliia Kholodenko, Denis Kaiurov, Vlad Kaiurov

This is the same tree Yuliia and I visited this spring

Upon arrival, we found out apartment very satisfactory. It wasn’t large, but we planned to spend as little time as possible inside our cozy bungalow. We quickly offload the car and rushed to a local super-market, to stock up on food for breakfast, lunch and dinners. You see, I wanted, before night, that Denis and I to get our gear to the shop, sort ‘em out and make everything ready for the next morning dive.