After my first visit, I couldn’t wait till the next Nudibranch Safari, which is held each year at one of the most attractive places on earth – Norway. The village, which conquered my heart from the first time I set my eyes on its indescribable panorama, is called Gulen. Actually, I fell in love with the Norwegian solemn beauty in 2017, when I drove to the Gulen for the first time. It should’ve taken no more than two hours to get to the village, but in reality, we were on the road for almost 4 hours, until we arrived at the Gulen Dive resort.

Driving to Gulen

I don’t remember exactly where it had happened, I just remember that I had a hard time to keep my eyes on the road (Thank God the roads were not congested). Because each turn, presented a new breathtaking panorama, and I had to stop again and take just one more picture.

Driving in Norway

Not far form the Gulen Dive resort

And I remember how difficult it was to compose a new shot. I stood there, on a side of the road, pondering how to set my camera, or how to twist a lens, so I could record all that enormous beauty on a small sensor of my Canon.

Western Norway

Somewhere in the western Norway

Thus, as you see, I had ample time to “lose” forever a part of me among Norway’s immense mountains, its vast fields, and majestic fjords.