The transfer from Beach Buzz and Dive Resort to the Three P Holiday & Dive was in the form of 2GO ferry, and nightly, about 9 hours long, crossing the distance between Anilao and Romblon. I had to disassemble my housing, we packed our bags and by 7 PM, the whole group boarded the ship. 4 people shared a clean, well-air-conditioned cabin. We quickly settled and soon, after the ship departed Anilao, went to sleep.

2GO ferry

Upon arrival, we were met by an army of tricycles and soon, a long line of auto-rickshaws stretched from the port to the final point of our trip – The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort

The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort main building

The Three P Holiday & Dive Resort main building

Three P Holiday and dive Resort

It’s a family-owned business and, I’d guess, the name of the resort was originated form a first letters of three sons’ names – Peter, Patrick, and Philipp. If I am not mistaken, they came from Germany. Here you can find more about the history of Three P

The breakfast was prepared daily and to your order. In short, the food was decent, nothing extraordinary. But we did not travel that far to be capricious at the expense of food.

Ah, almost forgot. Andrey Shpatak had a party and, according to him, to celebrate his birthday, he usually was ordering a whole, spit-roasted pig. So, fortunately for us, and unfortunately for the pig, he kept the custom going and we all had a blast.