My dive buddy and a great underwater photographer Andrew Martinez, to my question “why for over thirty years, each summer he’s going back to the Eastport (Maine)?”, gave me short, and, quite frankly, very unexpected answer  – “each time I go there, I always see new things.”

To explain why I was surprised, at first I must clarify that Eastport is a small town, located right in the northeast of the US, bordering Canada over the mile-wide Passamaquoddy river. Basically, there are 2 – 3 dive spots accessible off the shore.

Thanks to Jonathan Bird and Andy Martinez, I also fell in love with Eastport and anytime I have a chance, I’m not only ready to drive 6 hours, but I do that with great enthusiasm, so I can have yet another chance to investigate murky waters of Eastport for amazing marine organisms.

Eubranchus tricolor

Eubranchus tricolor. Eastport, Maine

So as I said, at Eastport we dive at 2-3 locations – Second Reef (dive-site), located in close proximity to the Old Steamship Pier (dive-site), and very rarely at the Jonathan Bird place, never failing to return with tons of beautiful pictures. But what I did not expect, is to hear from Andy that after over 30 years of diving in Eastport, he still finds new marine life at those very small (in terms of total square footage) locations. It seemed to me that over such a long period of time, he would have seen all that Eastport could “offer”. And yet, I know that next year, and many years after, Andy will go back and spend one or two weeks to search for something new and exciting.