Post Coronavirus Diving

It’s important to educate yourself about post coronavirus diving guidelines. Because if you were affected by a coronavirus, and you want to continue what you love the most, in our case – diving, then we should be very careful and pay attention to what the medical community says in that regard.

Hence, has decided to create a dedicated page for post coronavirus diving-related rules, suggestions, advice, and regulations. We will update this page regularly, or as often, as such information becomes available.

Please, keep in mind that ALL we are trying to do, is to find, collect in one place, and share post-Covid diving-related information with you. We do NOT approve or disapprove related knowledge, just making it easier to find.

Thank you for understanding.

ToDIveToday Team

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The article is from Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine
Volume 50 No. 3 September 2020

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A new study by researchers at the University of California ...
By Mark 'Crowley' Russell

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An experienced diver with long haul COVID
explores when she and others can get back in the water.
By Sarah Harvey April 6, 2021

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by Mike Tom September 23, 2021

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